Pedro and the magic rolls

Pearson Publishing. 2013

Soft cover
48 pages

Pedro and his faithful assistant Lito arrive to a small town, with the hope of opening a new bakery. But what a sad and gloomy place! Its inhabitants seemed bitter, no one spoke to each other or even looked at each other. One day, Lito trips over a jar of sugar in the kitchen. However, this "accident" will end up returning magic and joy to the entire town.

"Pedro and the magic rolls" is a work co-written by Richard Gallango and Lucía Fernández and illustrated by Atila for the English publishing house Pearson, it has been distributed in Spain, Portugal, the USA, Mexico and all of Latin America; and integrates the reading plan in the various schools in the countries where it is marketed. 

Trailer book

imágenes de Atila (Ecuador), a animación de Alfonso Gazitúa y Carlos Ramos (Chile) y la locución de Rubén Raffo.

Our book in "Time to read"

Clara Elvira Ospina presenta a «Pedro y los panecillos mágicos» en «Tiempo de leer» por América TV.

Interview on TV Peru

Entrevista por lanzamiento de nuestro libro «Pedro y los panecillos mágicos» en el noticiero sabatino de TV Perú.

Pedro in the "Cultural Presence" program

Ernesto Hermosa anuncia la presentación de nuestro libro en la Feria Internacional del Libro de Lima, 2013.